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Projects tagged 'bbc'

  1. BBC Better Radio Experiences

    Prototyping speculative sound experiences

  2. BBC Shuffle

    A televisual way to find something to watch right now

  3. Radiodan

    A hardware and software toolkit for prototyping future radio experiences

  4. World Service Radio Archive prototype

    A web application that allows audiences to listen to radio from the last 40 years. And along the way help us correct the metadata.

  5. BBC Weather v4

    Front-end lead on the new BBC Weather site. A major redesign of one of the UK's leading weather websites.

  6. BBC Weather Tide Graphs

    Lovely client-side SVG rendered graphs of tides.

  7. BBC Weather Maps

    New user-centered, time-based forecast maps.

  8. My BBC Location

    Enabling BBC News and Weather users to set a shared location setting.

  9. BBC Weather refresh

    Iterate and improve the design and functionality of one of the UK most popular Weather sites.

  10. UK military deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq

    Visualising all UK military deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  11. Mapping the UK's teen murder toll

    Interactive charts, map and table visualising all the UK teen homicides and allowing exploration of the data.

  12. US Election mini poll tracker

    Contextual dynamic chart of polling data in the run-up to the 2008 US presidential election.

  13. Olympic and Paralympic Parade live map