Week 44

November 2015—November 2015

This is a post about weeknotes.


Had a 1 month retrospective for the other project I'm working on. It's amazing how much we got done. As always, having OSCON as a deadline forced us to focus and do something.

The next step is to take what we've learned and iterate on it. One of the things was being able to clearly articulate what we're all about. I'm building a really simple website to do that. Doing some "design", which I'm not great at but I'll never get better if I don't try.

Moving flat

Moved into another Airbnb, this time in Neukölln. It's spacious and nicely furnished. The bedroom has a mezzanine/bunk style bed with a desk underneath which I managed to cut my head open on within an hour of arriving. Ouch.


Went for dinner in an Alsatian restaurant called Mama Kalo in Schillerkiez. I've never known what a tarte flambée is and know now that it's essentially a pizza. Lovely flavours and ingreidients including a lot of beetroot.

Keeping in touch

Hackster.io had a competition for ideas to be made with Amazon Web Services new IoT platform.

Maybe it's missing my family, or the particularly frantic and funny video chat I had with my mum, gran and sister the day before but the ideas Martin and I came up with had a theme of connection. It's nothing new, and Goodnight Lamp and Connbox have explored (and shipped something) in this area in a much more poetic way than me.

We came up with a sort-of-connected photo frame, but something ambient that does a lot less than that and that might amplify small, close-know group interactions.

I've captured the idea here and have been thinking about this a lot since so should make some time to prototype the experience.