Idea: Synchronised moments

Published on 14 November 2015

This is a post about idea.

This was an idea submitted to the The AWS IoT Mega Contest.

Photoframes showing the same image connected via the cloud

Intimate connections via simple, ambient photo frames.

Small groups who aren’t in daily contact such as families or friends who live apart increasingly keep in touch using social media. However, the constant stream of posts and complex privacy settings are a barrier to sharing with those most important to them.

These simple, ambient photo frames offer intimate connections. Each frame is connected to a small group of other frames. When posting a photo via the built-in camera or companion app, all frames in the group will instantly show the same image. The image remains in all frames until another is posted from any of the other users in the group.

This is perfect for those who aren’t technical experts such as parents wanting to share photos with grandparents.

What hardware will you use?

  • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
  • Raspberry Pi Camera
  • Raspberry Pi Display
  • Wi-fi adapter

What AWS IoT Service will you use?

  • AWS IoT Device Gateway
  • AWS IoT Device Registry
  • AWS IoT Device Shadows
  • AWS Rules Engine
  • AWS Lamba