Published on 01 September 2019

This is a project about mobile.

A React Native app for smart workplaces

What it is

OSRAM Innovation have built a smart office management system gathering real-time office utilisation and metrics. The mobile app helps users of the office space to find and book available meeting rooms and desks.

I led the technical architecture of the app, advocating to use Expo framework since the development timescales were very short.

The core of the interface is an interactive map of the office, highlighting real-time availability of spaces. This displays any type of floor plan asset provided by office managers and to dynamically draw polygons over the base map. The solution works on iOS and Android.

I prototyped a variety of libraries and technologies and advised on re-using the same React map component developed for the admin dashboard. This involved embedding this component in a web view that communicated with the rest of the React Native app via a protocol I defined. Although this is unorthodox, this approach worked very well and sped along development whilst providing flexibility for the future.