June 2015—September 2015

This is a project about web, mobile, tv and prototype.

A companion experience for creating memes whilst watching the Eurovision Song Contest

As part of the MediaScape EU collaborative project, the BBC was required to create a technology prototype to showcase the synchronisation technologies developed in the project.

A couple of us organised an intensive design sprint to develop interesting ideas for the prototypes which resulted in the Euromeme concept.

What it is

A "TV" uses the MediaScape protocol to allow a companion web app to synchronise a programming playing as live. The web app allows the user to create a short clip of part of the programme to be shared as a video of animated GIF on social media with hilarious consequences.


I developed the front-end app in React that allows the display of clips (made available by the clipping backend service) and to create new clips. This involved preloading individual frames of video and allowing the in and out points to be set.