Little Printer Lives! On Nord.

Published on 07 March 2019

This is a post about hardware and little-printer.

Print via the Nord Little Printers app

Nord Projects is hosting Little Printer's backend server and made an iOS app to easily send drawings, images or text to it. Here are the instructions I followed to make it work.

⚠️ NB: This relies on the bridge having been rooted already.

A. Update the bridge

  1. Find Berg Cloud Bride on network using bonjour [^1]
  2. Go to the Cloud in a web browser e.g. http://berg-cloud-bridge-p9tsmut7r.local:81/configure
  3. Credentials:
    Username: berg
    Password: hereandthere
  4. On the "Bridge configuration" page, paste this into the "Server URL" box:
  5. Press "Submit"
  6. You should see "Endpoint updated" and a progress bar…
  7. After a while (~10 mins) the "Bridge configuration" page will show again

B. Reset the Little Printer

  1. Make sure it's plugged in and powered on
  2. Pull off the metal front
  3. Take out the paper
  4. Use a paperclip to press the reset button through the tiny hole inside, right at the back
  5. The reset button will click
  6. Reassemble it all again
  7. After a while, the light on top should flash white

C. Claim the printer

  1. Press the black button next to the white flashing light on the Little Printer
  2. Little Printer will print out a "Hello, you're almost there! … Your registration code is: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX"
  3. Visit
  4. Click "Claim a printer"
  5. Enter the registration code from the print out in "Claim code" box
  6. Make up a name for your printer in the "Name your printer" box
  7. Press "Claim printer"
  8. A "My Printers" list should appear with your printer's name on it
  9. Click your printer's name
  10. Click "Send test message"
  11. Type a message in the box
  12. Click "Print now"
  13. Your message should print!

[^1]: On macOS Mojave, you can use this terminal command:

dns-sd -B _ssh._tcp .

The output looks like this:

$ dns-sd -B _ssh._tcp .
Browsing for _ssh._tcp
DATE: ---Wed 06 Mar 2019---
17:52:12.195  ...STARTING...
Timestamp     A/R    Flags  if Domain               Service Type         Instance Name
17:52:12.195  Add        3   5 local.               _ssh._tcp.           berg-cloud-bridge-p9tsmut7r
17:52:12.195  Add        3   5 local.               _ssh._tcp.           fa26d7c
17:52:12.195  Add        3   5 local.               _ssh._tcp.           fff411b
17:52:12.196  Add        3  10 local.               _ssh._tcp.           andrewn-mbp
17:52:12.196  Add        2   5 local.               _ssh._tcp.           andrewn-mbp

berg-cloud-bridge-p9tsmut7r.local is what you want