Places to look for a developer job in London

Published on 13 September 2017

This is a post about work and london.

Update 13-09-2017: Added Unicorn Hunt jobs board
Update 5-10-2017: Used direct link to London Stack Overflow jobs

A friend who's moving to London soon asked about good places to find developer jobs. I wrote him a list on Canvas but unfortunately it's now defunct and I lost the backup of my data 😖.

So here's another list—hopefully some of it overlaps. I've put it online so that I won't lose it again. If you have any suggestions, let me know.


I've always heard horror stories about recruiters so I've never used. Several friends have said great things about Thayer Prime. She has a job board.

A friend said:

she’s the only honest, decent, recruiter I've met in London.

Digital agencies

These agencies do good work and look like they'd be nice places to work. Whether they have jobs or not is another matter.

Made by Many

They have a great blog that I think gives you a good insight into their approach (both technical, design, business and process) and varied projects. I like that they've tackled both self-initiated hardware projects like Hackaball and digital client work for big names.

Design agencies

A few design agencies who I like the work of:



I'm obviously biased but the BBC's a great organisation to work for. I found it a respectful place, very good for those with families, offers lots of interesting training. It's a large organisation which means your work is seen by loads of people, but it often makes things a bit difficult to get things done. I think this has improved in recent years.

BBC Careers


Spotify have a London office and are recruiting.

The Guardian

The Gurdian newspaper/website have a good technical team with a lot of ex-BBC people.

Government Digital Service

Doing very interesting work to make government services user-focused and easy to use.

Go here and choose "Organisation" "Government Digital Service".

Job boards

Some job boards that list or advertise jobs.

Unicorn Hunt

A trendier jobs board featuring emoji. All jobs go through to the employers, rather than agencies which I like.

Key Values

Filter available jobs with organisations that share your values e.g. "Ideal for parents", "Flat organisation" etc.

Key Values

JS weekly/Frontend Focus

Both newsletters have job slots which are sometimes in London.

StackOverflow Jobs

Seems to have a lot of stuff in London with good search and filtering:

Glass Door

Glass Door has job listings but also allows people to post salaries so you can see what to expect.

Guardian Jobs

Guardian Jobs seems to have a lot. Probably more corportate jobs though.

Cultural Digital

There's a great newsletter called Cultural Digital by Chris Unitt that is about cool cultural projects using technology. He links out to this job board about digital jobs in museusm and galleries.

Creative Applications

Website focussing on technology/art projects.

Its Nice That have a jobs board with developer jobs.