Week 7

February 2015—February 2015

This is a post about weeknotes.

Holding page

A few tweaks to the holding page from last week.

Finding somewhere to store the static files has been a bit tricky - as it can be in the BBC if you're not building a huge product.

UCL workshop

More work on connecting the sensors to the Espruino for a catch-up meeting that got postponed.

Dan and I spent Thursday afternoon looking at data sheets, example code and the source of an Arduino library trying to understand how the CAP1188 capacitive touch breakout works to write an equivalent module for the Espruino. By the end of the day, we managed to get the on-board LED lighting up when the capacitive pin detected a touch. This is enough of an understanding of writing bytes and bits to registers over I2C to make the rest of it work. I think.

Radiodan case

Another trip to the Institute of Making to cut variations on the case design that didn’t quite work out last week. Mainly the top panel didn’t fit properly and the back panel didn't have space for a power and Ethernet cable. Also printed out some Club Mexicana logos for Meriel’s menus. Still had time left over at the end of the hour slot.

Magnificent Objects

Visited the Barbican's Maginificent Objects exhibition. A look at the private collections of artists and how these collections inform their work. Quite often their isn't an aesthetic resemblance in these collections although I felt the link was very obvious with Damien Hirst's collection of taxidermy and skulls.

The Art Gallery space in the Barbican is a great place to host these exhibitions since it's naturally split into several rooms. As in the recent photography exhibition, each room is dedicated to a specific artist.