Week 42

October 2015—October 2015

This is a post about weeknotes.

Bauhaus Archiv

I visited dialogues, photographs by Hélène Binet at the Bauhaus Archiv. A selection of stunning photography. Mostly black and white and mostly of architecture. So much detail and extremes of shadow and light. Her website has more.

Teaching IoT

Building on previous "Hello World" of IoT experiments, worked on a simple sensor-plus-web-app taking in light sensor readings from a photoresister and publishing them to a web app. Ezo was working on how to wrap all of this in a teachable way using workshopper. The result was the smart-pinhole-workshop.

It reminds me that there's so much good stuff on nodeschools that I should take the time to do.


I had some interviews with a small startup looking for a front-end developer. It's been a fairly long process starting with a bit of a coffee about the company and role, a short technical interview and then a longer coding challenge with a final interview if that all goes well.

The coding challenge was Conways "Game of Life" a classic but one that's outside of what I'm used to doing. It ended up being quite fun though and I spent a bit more time on it, using my knowledge of MQTT and Johnny Five to create this:

Again, a longer blog post is in the works.