Week 38

September 2015—September 2015

This is a post about weeknotes.

Attended RejectJS, a supportive and inclusive conference in a cool venue on the river.

It was quite a mixed set of talks but they were all great.

At the end, they announced it would be the last conference. After dConstruct doing the same two weeks previously, I'm getting a bit paranoid.

I especially liked:

Everyone is a rockstar – Using mobile technology in live musical performance, Jocelyn Ho & Drew Petersen

Participatory performance using mobile phones, wifi networks and Kinect. So exciting to see what you can do with current technology and the web and it's limits with a big crowd. Loved the instructions on the phone that guided your individual actions and made you listen for what the conductor was doing.

Once upon a punch card - how textiles can explain why we have the web, Mariko Kosaka

An often hilarious talk about punch cards, following a passion and getting obsessed with it.

Science in the Browser – Orchestrating and Visualising Neural Simulations, Robert Kerr

Impressive use of the browser to do science.

Get your hands dirty - play with hardware!, Ronald Jaramillo

Hardware talk and how to teach it.