Week 35

August 2015—September 2015

This is a post about weeknotes.

Walls Have Eyes an installation that was shortlisted for Design of the Year 2015, is going to be shown at dConstruct 2015. This is so great as I love the conference and try to attend every year. We're reconfiguring the installation slightly to be distributed in the space, rather than on a wall. There are the usual discussions over how ambitious to be -- do we incorporate something completely new or do we slick to what we know?

Luckily, Libby has already done some great previous work in replacing the sensor the triggers the photos to be taken from an ultrasonic distance sensor to the Pi camera itself. This means less wires and kit.

So we've decided to have multiple battery-powered frames, each sensing wifi signals and taking photos. They'll communicate wirelessly to a central collector that will show a visualisation on a big screen. Jasmine sent down the dot matrix printer but that seemed to be dead so we've improvised with a receipt printer that we had in the office.

The horrible, thrown-together visualisation that I built is being replaced by Dan's idea of something much more dynamic with a video-game-style "attract mode".