Week 15

April 2015—April 2015

This is a post about weeknotes.

Walls Have Eyes

Swapping out the tablet for an iPad since that seems to be more reliable for the screen staying on.

Complete nightmare getting a new case insert laser cut. The cutter wasn't going all the way through an ended up snapping things apart. Stressful.

Novelty Automation

Visited Novelty Automation, a collection of coin-operated machines. I had a go on My Nuke trying to deposit some nuclear rods in a container. It felt like a cross between the Crystal Maze and the beginning of The Simpsons.

Money laundering was also fun!

Friends from afar at the Roti King

Went to the Roti King for lunch which was tasty and cheap. Even cheaper since I had my lunch paid for. Hooray!

A trip down memory lane on Saturday after Novelty Automation, having a session at the Royal George with friends. We haven't all hung out in about 3 years at least.