Week 14

April 2015—April 2015

This is a post about weeknotes.

More Reflection

Watched this talk about Design Fiction from Matt Jones and made lots of notes, which I'm quite proud of aesthetically.

Notes: Matt Jones: Jumping to the End -- Practical Design Fiction
Notes: Matt Jones: Jumping to the End -- Practical Design Fiction

Loads to think about:

  • especially the importance of understanding systems and making objects to radiate those systems;
  • video sketching and unpacking "Microintercactions in time"
  • creating mock-adverts and videos to visualise the pre-purchase/usage of a non-existant project all the way through to the actual usage. Visualising the actual usage is I guess is what software and design teams are better skilled at.

Also, Libby pointed out the question at the end "what do you want to get better at?" Something that [I'm also thinking about]().

Named WebSockets

Working on an implementation of Named WebSockets for a collaborative project at work. Using the proposal specification document and to some extent the existing Go implementation to create a Chrome App. It's more difficult than I thought due to the primitives in the app being fairly low level, you have raw TCP and UDP sockets for example. To create a websocket server involves creating a TCP server, then building an HTTP server on top of that that supports the upgrade header and a WebSocket server. Luckily Google have an impressive and comprehensive set of open source examples which I've started with.

Design Museum

Back to the Design Museum to fix the slipping cameras using a hot glue gun. The tablet screen also seems to be turning off which is a bit of a worry.


Had a great meeting with someone on the Eurovision team. Finding out more about the event, how incredibly popular it is and the social media around it. Love that the BBC spans the serious to the fun and entertaining so broadly.

Internal systems

Booked flights using an internal portal which I think literally made me ill. So stressful. Not reserved to internal systems though, I get the same stressed feeling using the Trainline.

Friends from afar

A trip to Brixton for some Saturday drinking. Went to the Effra Social, an old Conservative social club turned pub with an outside area. Then up to another pub in Herne Hill which was nice.