Week 12

March 2015—March 2015

This is a post about weeknotes.

Walls Have Eyes

Final dash to get postcards, drop off at the museum. Finishing off on Tuesday afternoon before the private view opened that evening.

Photo of the installation

Photo from the Creative Review blog.

The private view was fun and got a chance to see the rest of the exhibition.

Libby has a write-up of the process.

Presentation to Radio Technology

Went to see the BBC team responsible for studios and other things to talk about radiodan at their team meeting. They were fun and had loads of good ideas.

Catching up and taking a breath

Post-Walls Have Eyes just trying to catch up with things that have slipped in the deadline-induced chaos and stress.

UCL module final presentation

Friday was the last in a busy week of being out as about taking to people. Attended the presentation of the UCLIC interaction design MSc programme. We set a series of briefs and the students had 2 weeks, working in groups to follow the user-centeted design process to propose solutions. A group of us attended to hear the presentations, see the demos and look at their posters. Afterwards I got to sit in on the marking which was very interesting too. Like the last time we set the brief (2 years ago) I was so so impressed with the breadth and depth of the work. It was inspirational.