Week 11

March 2015—March 2015

This is a post about weeknotes.

Book of Mormon

Went to see the Book of Mormon musical. A big cast and some great set pieces and scenes. Not sure it was as funny as I'd hoped it'd be but an entertaining evening.

Laser cutting and making a frame tablet holder

Bought a frame from Habitat that just fit the Nexus 9 tablet we're using in the exhibition. Then realised that didn't leave any space for the USB charger. Went an got a slightly larger A4-size frame which does fit everything in. I'd been putting off dealing with this but realised that you can't just shove a tablet in a frame and hope for the best. Inspired by Pibow cases that use layered laser cut acrylic, I made a similar set of surrounds to hold the tablet in place whilst providing access for the cable to get out and a finger to get in to the power button for switching it on or off. Although the timescales involved made it a bit of a panic I found making the thing so rewarding. I feel like it's "solving" the problem quite an achievement that I don't think I would have been able to do a year ago.

Design Museum pre-install and install

Thursday was spent preparing a huge list of things for the Walls Have Eyes including final print-outs, laser cutting the tablet holder, sending postcards to print and more.

Hectic and stressful day at the Design Museum installing to exhibition. Not sure how we've laid it out is quite right but it was an incredible experience seeing behind the scenes of a museum that I visit often. I feel like I've learnt absolutely loads about building something that will stay on for a few months. We'll see if it does.