Week 10

March 2015—March 2015

This is a post about weeknotes.

New project

Quite an exciting potential project idea comes in from a different part of the BBC. A pilot way to record audience feedback. After our work using Raspberry Pis to record video this could be an interesting next step.

Prototype planning

A bit of discussion and planning of a prototype for one of our EU project prototypes. We want to make the content we use a bit fun and we're thinking of the different types of prototypes we could make at different fidelities. Also, starting with audience needs observation to extrapolate future connected device scenarios. I called these "interventions" which isn't the right word.

UCL Companion screen apps

A quick chat about current companion screen work at UCL with the researchers who work in the same office as us. Some interesting overlaps with the prototype we're planning.

UCL design module presentation

We're setting briefs for a UCL Interaction Design MSc. I've had quite a lot of input into the briefs we're setting and now a few of us need to prepare a presentation about the BBC to give to the students at the start of the module. Mostly a case of gathering stats and information from previous presentations. I'm always interested in zooming right out to show the breadth of the BBC. It's a massive organisation that does so, so much. TV (international, national, regional, local), Radio (same) and online. And there's all the stuff you wouldn't expect like the eight orchestras and choirs.

Laser cutting and putting together pi plates for WHE

More Walls Have Eyes preparation. Trying to make everything fit together as neatly as possible so cut some acrylic plates with mounting holes for the Pi and the Pi camera. Using self-adhesive velcro to stick these plates to the frames which works well.