Andrew Nicolaou

Creative technologist. Working at BBC R&D, interested in the web and connected products.

Email, code, photos, listening, links, magpie, tweets, reading, BBC projects.

Recent work

  • BBC Weather v4

    November 1st 2011

    Javascript, PHP, HTML5, CSS3

    Front-end lead on the new BBC Weather site. A major redesign of one of the UK's leading weather websites.
  • BBC Weather Tide Graphs

    February 1st 2011

    Javascript, SVG, Raphael

    Lovely client-side SVG rendered graphs of tides.
  • BBC Weather Maps

    August 1st 2010

    Javascript, PHP, Open Layers

    New user-centered, time-based forecast maps.
  • My BBC Location

    July 1st 2010

    Javascript, standards, API integration

    Enabling BBC News and Weather users to set a shared location setting.
  • FirePHP for Chrome

    March 20th 2010

    Javascript, Google Chrome, open source

    Port of the Firefox FirePHP logging add-on as a Chrome extension.
  • BBC Weather refresh

    December 3rd 2009

    HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP

    Iterate and improve the design and functionality of one of the UK most popular Weather sites.
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